I’ve been an analogue kind of guy forever, but about 6 months ago I was after a new mixer for some of the smaller projects I’m involved in and the same digital desk kept popping up…the QSC Touchmix.

Whilst the desk was great right out of the box, when I heard that a new update added some of the features from the Touchmix 30 Pro I couldn’t wait to try it out.

The update

This process of updating the firmware is very straight forward. Just download the file from the QSC website, copy it to a FAT32 formatted memory stick, insert said stick into Touchmix and go to Menu and Update. Wait 10 minutes and…Done.

  • Updated UI to match the Touchmix 30.
  • Easier to access Aux mixes, with dedicated buttons down the left of the screen. This makes adjusting wedge and IEM mixes really quick and easy now.
  • A Real Time Analyzer (RTA) has been added and is available on all input and output EQs! You only get one RTA instead of the 30’s 2, but its great and really useful to be able to get visual feedback.
  • MP3 player for playing tracks form USB memory stick.
  • 6 band parametric EQ, graphic EQ and 8 band anti-feedback on all outputs.
  • Anti-feedback wizard to automatically detect and suppress feedback.
  • Room tuning wizard added.
  • New speaker presets added.
  • Copy and paste function added.
  • Channel safe added to stop assigned channels from changing during scene recall.
  • Extra user buttons.
  • and more…

Best bits

The biggest change for me has been the change in UI so that the Aux mixes are more easily accessed. This means you can jump from main LR mix to any of the Aux mixes and back again just using the buttons on the left side of the screen.  Previously you would have to hit the Aux button then choose which mix you want to adjust, then hit the Home button to return to the LR mix.

The addition of a RTA is amazing. Although visual mixing is not ever recommended (use your ears not your eyes),  being able to see a real time representation of the mix is very useful. I use it mostly for removing unwanted low end and taming the highs.

The anti-feedback wizard works great. Back in the day I used to have an old rack mounted feedback destroyer with about 5-6 bands of ‘automatic feedback suppression’…it didn’t really work. This, however, does. You set your mix and push the master as far as you can before feedback. Then start the Feedback Wizard. It slowly raises the master output, inducing feedback. It then finds the frequency after a second of so of ringing and applies a really narrow Q filter to notch it out. You also have complete manual control over it to find frequencies and apply filters yourself. Its great for difficult to EQ rooms and venues with a lot of reflective surfaces.

Speaking of which so is the new Room Tuning Wizard (not available on the Touchmix 8). You just plug a flat response reference microphone into the mixer and follow the on screen prompts to get optimal settings for any type of room.

All in all the version 3 update seems really good with some killer new features. I’ll be giving it a good run through over the next few gigs to see how it handles life on the road, but so far so good. If you own a Touchmix I definitely recommend the update.

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