The  Shure SE535s are a fantastic pair of IEMs with crystal clear highs and deep, full lows. They may be on the expensive side for non-custom moulds, but are well worth it for the sound performance.

OVERALL: 8.5/10
Sound: 10/10
Features: 8/10
Quality: 8.5/10
Cost: 7/10


So, the most important thing about any pair of head/earphones…how do they sound? Fantastic

The units feature a triple micro-driver configuration. Two for mids and lower frequencies and one for highs. Having a multi driver setup like this means that the earphones are capable of producing a much wider frequency range without unwanted distortion. The result is a very full, rich and detailed sound.

Lows are nicely detailed and audible down to all but the lowest of available frequencies.

Mids are where the SE535s shine. They are warm and full while retaining clarity and width. Guitars sound great, especially with stereo effects that give a super wide, enveloping image.

Highs have a nice amount of air around them and feel defined without being spiky or unpleasant.


Speakers – 3 high-definition MicroDrivers

Frequency range – 18Hz – 19kHz

Sensitivity – 119 dB

Isolation – Up to 37dB of ambient sound isolation

Cable – 64″ Detachable with memory wire and right angle 3.5mm connector

Case – Semi-rigid carrying case

Tips – Assortment of interchangeable tip sizes and materials

Tool – Cleaning tool included


The earphones are very well made.

The earpiece features a recessed locking swivel mechanism that the cable plugs into ensuring a very good connection that can be detached as necessary. This has, however, been an area of failure according to other users.

The foam tips are a little prone to wear and tear, as would be expected, and also require regular cleaning, but they do perform well and create a very good seal.

The memory wire sleeve on one pair of my SE535s has developed a hole as it is a very thin rubber type material. It would have been better if this were a more heavy duty type material to hold up to stage use. A replacement cable can be purchased separately to remedy this.


With an RRP of £369.00 the SE535s are on the expensive side, especially for non-custom moulded IEMs.

Similar products from the likes of UE can be found for substantially less than the Shures. Shure has, however, gone for a higher quality product and sound at a price that reflects this, and the SE535s are widely regarded as being category leading.


I’ve been very impressed so far with the SE535s. I had been using a pair of SE215s for about a year previous to getting the SE535s, and whilst these earphones were fine they cannot compare in sound and quality to the Shure flagship model. The 535s are performing great on stage night after night, and are coping well with the rigours of touring. I would have preferred the cable to have been the braided kevlar type, as the rubber like one included doesn’t feel the strongest. The sound, though, is consistently excellent, and with proper care I can see them lasting a long time.

I highly recommend them.

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