Sfarzo SFT Screamers are superb strings. With more detailed high frequencies, improved sustain and long lifespan, they have become my go to string for all electric guitars.

OVERALL: 9.5/10
Sound: 10/10
Features: 8/10
Quality & Feel: 9/10
Cost: 8/10


When I first tried the SFT Screamers it was on a low end guitar in a guitar store and I thought the sound was ok, but when I put a set on my own guitar I was blown away with them.

Using 10 gauge on my Suhr and Les Paul, the tone is rich and full with huge dynamic range. They have a much more detailed top end then I have previously been used to with other string brands. I’ve been most surprised by this when playing funk style licks in Position 2 on the Suhr, the clarity and punch is excellent. The extra sustain from these strings is also noticeable and very impressive, with an overdriven sound they just sing for days.


  • High Iron content
  • Longer life maintaining tone
  • Improved sustain
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Available from .008 to .058 gauge
  • Paper sleeve packaging
  • No coloured ball ends

Quality & Feel

Sfarzo are all about superior quality when it comes to tone and playability, and it shows. The 10 gauge that I have been gigging for the past 2 weeks feel great under the fingers. They are easy to play for extended periods, stretch and settle in very quickly and stay in tune very well. They also seem to last (tone and playability wise) about twice as long as other strings I have been using. They are not that dissimilar in feel to the premium strings I had been using previously but the tone and lifespan of the strings is greatly improved.

One thing I would like to see implemented is sealed packaging so as to prevent degradation, like some of the other manufacturers do. I purchase large amounts of strings at a time and with them just being in paper sleeves I worry about them tarnishing over time.

Also the top three strings (e, b and g .010, .013 and .017) are all packaged together in the same sleeve and the SFT Screamers do not feature coloured ball ends to distinguish between strings so working out which string is which takes a little bit longer.


The SFT Screamers have a retail price in the UK of £7.00.

For the quality, tone and lifespan of the strings this is very good value, especially when you consider some competitor strings are twice the price or more.

To see the current UK price check out GuitarZone


I’ve been amazed by the Sfarzo strings, I wasn’t expecting such a big difference from what I had been using. Tone, sustain and lifespan have all been improved with greater playability night after night. I have been so impressed with them that I have changed all my electrics to Sfarzo and intent to use them exclusively on my upcoming winter tour.

I highly recommend them.

Find out more at

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  1. Greg Sfarzo
    Greg Sfarzo says:

    Hi Ben,

    Thank you so much for the great review on our SFT Screamer line of strings. You pretty much said it all, so no need for me to write about the quality of our SFT strings. I would like to touch on a couple of points to help your viewers understand our perspective on packaging. We have been using paper envelopes since 1984. We have never had any complaints on corrosion with the type of paper we use. We do know, other manufacturers had rust problems in the past, however, that was isolated to the type envelope paper they used which had a chemical bleaching agent in the paper that interacted with the strings and made them rust. Sfarzo Strings never has had that problem as we have always used a paper envelope that we felt protected the strings. We continue to use the printed gauged envelope format. Many players like the envelopes. We decided a while ago that placing 6 strings in a plastic sealed bag was not what we were about. Yes, on a manufacturing level it is a labor savings, but we prefer to inspect, coil and hand place strings into envelopes for each string.

    As far as the 1st 2nd and 3rd being placed in one envelope, well… thats are part in helping saving the trees. Saving two envelopes per pack counts for millions of paper envelopes over time.

    In conclusion, we would love to have you review a brand new string we developed here in Sonoma California called TOUCHTONES. You can read more about them at http://www.sfarzo.us.

    Thank you again Ben! Greg Sfarzo and the Sfarzo family.

    • ben
      ben says:

      Thanks for the reply, Greg.
      Great info, love the tree saving and looking after the environment. Too few companies don’t care about that.
      I’d love to try your new TOUCHTONES, I’ve been super impressed with the Sfarzo family so far.
      Thanks again


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