The Mono M80-2G dual guitar case is a top of the range product that is extremely well made and is making travelling with multiple guitars a much easier affair.

Storage 9.5/10
Features 9/10
Quality 9.5/10
Cost 6/10


The M80-2G has so much storage I’ve used it to carry absolutely everything (other than my amp) I need for a gig.

The two main compartments for the guitars open from opposite sides of the case and open out fully flat which makes inserting guitars super quick and easy. Each guitar is secured at the top with the Headlock system, which uses a Velcro strap that fastens the neck down to a memory foam like material, and at the bottom with high density padding around the strap pin.

The case has two zip compartments. The main one is on the front lower part of the bag. It features a large storage area, a smaller zipped compartment, and a Velcro cable holder. The second zip compartment is at the top, front of the bag. It is smaller in size but can still fit a large amount of gear inside. It features several small pockets for things like pens and small tools, a key retention system for securing keys (or in my case my in-ear monitors) and a see-thru section for storing travel information/tickets etc.

You can see how much gear I store in my M80 in this video: M80-2G – what’s in my gig bag?


Construction – military spec materials

Guitars – two completely separate, protected compartments

Security – Headlock and integral ABS panels

Storage – one large + one small zipped storage compartment

Handles – one large heavy duty + one small rear handle

Straps – heavy duty backpack straps with chest clip

Mounting – numerous mounting points for Mono accessories


This case is extremely well made.

The Mono website reveals the case is made from ‘military spec’ materials. Their 100% animal free, yet confusingly named, ‘Sharkskin’ outer material is water proof and very hard wearing. Its similar in appearance and texture to very high quality seatbelt material. The sole and piping is made from a material called Hypalon which is apparently used in the manufacture of military rafts. The handles and straps are hard wearing and very securely attached to the case with both stitching and high quality, Mono branded rivets.

The overall quality of the fit and finish is very high. All zips and compartments open and close easily. All of the stitching is flawless, and the whole thing feels like a premium product.

One small thing I have noticed with my case is that it has a slight twist in it front to back. In other words the two guitars don’t seem to quite sit on top of each other correctly. It doesn’t really seem to cause any issues, and both sides of the case zip fully closed easily.


The current RRP of the M80-2G is $329.99 which is quite expensive for a guitar case. But when you consider that two high quality hard cases that would offer the same level of protection would cost the same if not more, and would be harder to carry, the cost is not really too high.


The M80-2G has been very impressive. I’ve done over 100 gigs with it. Its been thrown in vans, the back of cars on aeroplanes. Its been dropped (quite a few times), kicked and dragged along the floor, and has survived the lot with just a few scuffs and scrapes to the bag front. It has loads of storage for everything you could need, and isn’t too heavy to carry when fully packed. The fact that you can put the whole lot on your back and run through an airport or train station has been a life saver for me, more than a few times.

Anything I’d like to see changed or improved? Maybe a triple guitar version? That would be awesome!

I highly recommend the M80-2G, and all Mono products for that matter, I’m a bit of a Mono fan boy!

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