Ive been using the MONO M80 dual case for about 6 months now and I absolutely love it. Previously I had been using hard, rigid body flight cases which may protect the guitars perfectly, can be a pain to load and take up a lot of room. Not so with the MONO case.

MONO do a whole range of musician and creative based solutions (check them out here), but the M80 Dual is the highlight of the collection for me. Its a 2 guitar semi-rigid carrying case, with extra front storage, mounting points for even more storage, super heavy duty carrying handle and back pack straps. The way the two guitars are loaded and stored in the M80 is quite clever. Each guitar enters the case form a different side and bottom strap buttons seat perfectly into the Hypalon sole, which is the same stuff the military make their rafts out off! The necks are then secured in place using the Headlock system to both protect and eliminate movement during transit. The sides of the case are really thick and durable and can take a huge amount of punishment. On the front of the case are two zipped storage compartments. The top one features a system to store your keys along with any smaller items, whilst the bottom one has a velcro cable holder as well as plenty of room for anything else you may need to carry. Finally the backpack straps are of the highest quality, featuring a chest buckle for added comfort and security.

check the latest prices for the MONO M80 here

Line 6 Helix Bag

The Helix bag was a purchase of necessity for me. I had been using my Line 6 Helix in a hard road case, which worked great, but I had an upcoming performance where no amps could be used and cartage had to be kept to an absolute minimum. So the Helix bag meant that I could take the Helix, all the cables and everything I needed, on my back on the flight no problem.

The bag is awesome, its very well made from a tough, hardwearing material, and has things like water proof zippers, heavy duty, molded handles, stowable backpack straps and a huge amount of storage. The top zipped storage compartment I use for my Line 6 G50 Relay transmitter and receiver, so that gives you an idea of the size. The main storage area zips completely open and is large enough for a multitude of cables, pedals and accessories. In fact, it is so large that the bag can get quite heavy with it all stored, and the Helix in too. This is helped by the fact that the bag has 2 heavy duty, moulded handles and, even better, heavy duty, stowable backpack straps to aid in transporting the Helix.

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